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Penny Barber - A Fucking Conversation

Enjoy the latest episode of "A Fucking Conversation" and "Cum Corner" with the super-fit super-sexy MILF Penny Barber!

July 12th, 2024     12:39
Elizabeth Skylar - Director's Fun

Mr. Director shot one of Elizabeth Skylar's very first scenes over a year ago. Now that she was a full-blown porn star, he invited her back to sample what she learned in her year of training. The tanned, raven-haired MILF knelt over Mr. Director in lacey lingerie that did little to contain her huge tits. possibly the best in the adult industry. She reacquainted herself with Mr. Director by double stroking his cock as they chatted. Mr. Director had enough with pleasantries. He needed to be inside her. She undressed--revealing pierced nipples and a new piercing just above her clit then climbed atop his ragging cock. He fucked her deep and hard. He even oiled up and fucked her perfect tits while she smiled down at him. He had to pull back several times to keep from cumming. It had been far too long. He fucked her pussy then drained his balls all over her smiling face.

July 4th, 2024     33:00      73 Photos
April Olsen - A Fucking Conversation

Enjoy the latest episode of "A Fucking Conversation" with the gorgeous April Olsen. She talks about her pets, gym habits, and her thoughts about the temperature of cum on her face.

June 27th, 2024     13:08
Anal Fun with Tiffany Watson - Director's Fun

Tiffany Watson is all who you picture when you imagine a porn star: a blonde bombshell with a deep tan, huge fake tits, an hourglass waist and spankable ass, a hint of a blonde landing strip bush. She smells of sweet lotion and perfume, has a huge personality that lights up a room, and she is always down to fuck. She playfully gave Mr. Director shit as she stroked his cock with both hands while using spit as lube. Then she gave him a taste of what he was begging for: a sloppy blowjob. She took out her huge, bubbly tits so he could fuck them. He then tasted her pink little pussy while squeezing her tits. Her pussy felt even better wrapped around his cock. When he fucked her from behind, her tiny asshole taunted him. She took him in her ass with ease. She rode him with her ass then lay back as he pounded her. He slipped between her holes at will. Tiffany was down to get fucked however he wanted to fuck her. He pulled out and emptied his load all over her wide grin.

June 19th, 2024     47:46      61 Photos
Little Puck - A Fucking Conversation

Enjoy the latest episode of "A Fucking Conversation" and "Cum Corner" with the magnificent Little Puck and her magnificent tits.

June 4th, 2024     11:21
Linzee Ryder - Director's Fun

Linzee Ryder arrived on Mr. Director's bed naked and ready to get down to business. As they casually reminisced about how they met online a few years ago, Linzee jerked off Mr. Director with a double-handed, iron grip. As she stroked, she looked down at him with wide, hungry eyes and a slight smirk as her huge tits bounced playfully. Mr. Director pounded her warm little pussy from every possible angle as he squeezed her huge mommy milkers, choked her, and smacked her ass. She begged for him to cum on her face. She stuck out her tongue and looked up at him with wide eyes as he dumped his load in her mouth.

June 4th, 2024     44:45      51 Photos
Fun with River Lynn and Robby Apples

River Lynn is a bad girl trapped in a good girl. She sat in nothing but panties and a bra while she told us about all the sex she's had in fast cars. It was clear she was one for going fast. She stripped down and started rubbing her pussy until Robby Apples strolled in the room. She sucked his cock until he was rock hard. Then he spread her legs on got her pussy nice and wet. The pair fucked all over the couch until Robby exploded all over her cute, smiling face.

June 4th, 2024     43:15      51 Photos
Jazmin Luv - A Fucking Conversation

Announcement: Due to a minor glitch on the back-end of ProducersFun.com, this week's update " Fun with River Lynn and Robby Apples" has been released free of charge here at our free OnlyFans account:



One of the best and funniest episodes of "A Fucking Conversation" and "Cum Corner" with the gorgeous and feisty Jazmine Luv. The banter between her and Mr. Director ( Shawn Alff) is out of this world. A Director's Fun scene with the two of them would probably be a great idea!

April 28th, 2024     14:47
Dharma Jones - Director's Fun

Dharma Jones is the girl next door you masturbated to every night. Like a dream, she appeared on Mr. Director's lap completely naked, casually stroking his cock while talking about the good, the bad, and the weird fan interactions she had at the AVN expo. Mr. Director could have talked to her forever, but he was eager to feel her natural lips wrapped around his hard cock. She was in no rush. She looked up at him while her spit dripped onto the tip of his dick and she slowly rubbed it in. Mr. Director licked her tight pussy to get it nice and wet before he slid his cock inside. He played with her nipples and ran his hair through her trim bush while he fucked her balls deep. He flipped her around and spanked her thick, juicy ass as she begged for more. She rode his cock like a professional until she was ready for his thick load all over her pretty face.

April 18th, 2024     43:32      64 Photos
McKenzie Lee - A Fucking Conversation

Enjoy the latest episode of "A Fucking Conversation" with Mr. Director ( Shawn Alff) and the hot British MILF McKenzie Lee

April 8th, 2024     07:20